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Our Story

Discover the journey of Virtute Duce, a leading provider of Organizational and Ministerial Coaching and Consulting Services. Learn about the journey here!

Organization Overview

Virtute Duce is a leading provider of Organizational Coaching and Consulting Services. Our expertise lies in Leadership Development, Governance Support, Mission Integration, Strategic Planning, and Hiring for Mission. We are committed to helping small to medium sized non-profits (from Religious to secular) grow and succeed by providing high-quality, personalized coaching and consulting services. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to understanding your business needs and developing a strategic plan that aligns with your goals. We believe in leading with virtue, and our approach is rooted in integrity, transparency, and a deep commitment to our clients' success. Explore our site to learn more about our services and how we can help your organization thrive.

How it began...

Once upon a time, in the heart of a bustling city, an idea and a vision came to mind: to create positive change in areas served by non-profits by fostering virtues and values that transcend boundaries. This vision led to the birth of the Virtute Duce, Latin for “guided or led by virtue.” Built on the simple yet profound belief that excellence and virtue are not merely lofty ideals, but powerful forces that transform society, Virtute Duce, led by Paul Lipowski is dedicated to empowering organizations to lead with integrity, compassion, and purpose. The idea for Virtute Duce took root during a series of conversations among friends and family who shared a deep concern for the moral and ethical challenges facing their communities. They recognized that while there were many organizations focused on addressing specific issues such as poverty, education, and healthcare, there was a need for a holistic approach that addressed the underlying values and virtues necessary for building a thriving society. With a clear mission in mind, Paul set out to create programs, resources, and initiatives that would promote ethical leadership, personal and organizational development, and community engagement. He envisioned a world where individuals in ministries and non-profits from all walks of life could come together to cultivate virtues such as honesty, integrity, humility, and empathy, and use them as guiding principles in their daily lives and business practices. The journey was not without its challenges. Paul faced skepticism from some who questioned the relevance of virtues in a fast-paced, modern world. However, he remained steadfast in his belief that virtues are timeless and universal, and that they have the power to transcend cultural, religious, and ideological differences. As word of Virtute Duce spread, it began to attract like-minded individuals who were eager to promote the movement. Volunteers offered their time and expertise to help develop programs and spread the message of virtue and excellence. Today, Virtute Duce continues to empower individuals and organizations to lead lives guided by virtue and to create positive change in the world around them. The founding story of the Virtute Duce serves as a reminder that even the smallest of ideas, when fueled by passion and purpose, have the power to make a difference.

Picture by Chait Goli on Pexels.

Our Founder and Principal

Welcome to Virtute Duce. I began forming the idea for this organization in 2015 when I worked with Catholic non-profits and saw a greater opportunity to align strategy, leadership and mission to the greater values and ethics to which religious organizations are founded upon. I'm Paul Lipowski, a dedicated professional with a wealth of experience in nonprofit management and leadership. With a strong background in nonprofit governance, operations, mission integration, and strategic planning, I am committed to driving organizational excellence and maximizing impact. My strong academic foundation, which includes a Doctor of Education from Creighton University in Interdisciplinary Leadership; Master of Letters in Bible and Contemporary World from the University of St. Andrews, Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies; as well as a BA in History from Loyola University of Chicago, combined with my more than 20 years of governance experience position me well to guide organizations through effective governance practices. I specialize in board development, policy development and implementation, and fostering strong relationships between board members and executive leadership. I thrive on streamlining operations and implementing efficient processes to enhance organizational effectiveness. From optimizing workflows to managing resources effectively, I am dedicated to ensuring that nonprofits operate smoothly and efficiently. I am deeply passionate about mission integration and believe that aligning every aspect of an organization with its core mission, vision, and values is key to achieving long-term success. I work collaboratively with stakeholders to integrate mission-driven values into all aspects of organizational culture and decision-making. Strategic planning is at the heart of every successful nonprofit, and I am committed to developing comprehensive strategic plans that drive growth and sustainability. I excel in conducting thorough analyses, identifying opportunities for growth, and developing actionable strategies to achieve organizational objectives. Are you seeking a strategic partner to drive your nonprofit's mission forward? I would love to connect with like-minded professionals who are passionate about making a difference in the nonprofit sector. Let's collaborate and create positive change together!

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